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published july 2022


Fog is a story about finding the more intimate details of human nature inside of a very obvious reality. Centuries in the future, the Fog separates the entire world into two sides, one for people of color and the other for white people. They don't know that the others exist and so they live their very different lives in their very different worlds normally, never thinking that something or someone else lies on the other side of the border. Abloh, from one side, and Kaia, from the other, find themselves together in the Fog, reckoning with their differences as people and the differences in the people they both come from. In a visual and imaginative world, Fog follows the perspective of Abloh and Kaia and they grow a relationship, cross the Fog together, and reckon with the broken histories of their people.

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punctuating a life

published may 2022


Punctuating a Life started off as a book that would honor my grandfather's life. I'd like to think that the project still carries out its original mission, but the evolutions and transformations it made surprised even me. I went through an emotional journey with this project that the preface and conclusion struggle to capture holistically and I never could have predicted how a simple and elegant idea for a poetry book remodeled itself into a visual and literary album that speaks to so much more than just my grandfather's life and my relationship with him. There is an openness, abstractness, and broadness to the work which prompts intentional reading and emotional response and I hope that the text, poems, and illustrations asks questions that lead you to your own new interpretations of the lives and deaths around you.

sneak peak

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page 40-41

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two minds

published december 2021


In the first novella by teen writer Audeep Cariens, Kota, a telepath, and Ciro, an empath, discuss the problems and predilections of their lives. Although they are complete strangers, they find themselves intimately entangled in the labyrinths of their minds.

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the change trilogy

completled january 2022


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Corporations are already starting to rule the world. What if these companies were the government? Written by teen author Audeep Cariens, Maze, the first book of The Change Trilogy, explores a dystopian world, set in 2031. After the private corporations takes over the government, their search for free labor begins, resulting in the return of slavery. The haven for people of color, called the Migrants, has two brothers at the helm. Maze explores this changing world as the separated brothers try to find each other, switching between their perspectives. Will Ivo, the master inventor, and Za, the master fighter, find each other? What will life be like after the Takeover?

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With the Wolf brothers helping to push the world back towards unity, what happens to the Migrants? What is life like when the United States is the country stuck in the past as everyone else moves on without them? In the second book of The Change Trilogy, Cycle reunites us with Ivo and Za, now five years after the events of Maze. Ivo and Za are torn apart as Za struggles to figure out what he himself stands for. When Ivo doesn’t provide Za with what he needs, Nox shows up, ready to take Za in with open arms and work together to save the Migrants. Will Za choose his brother or the savior?

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After the Revolt in Cycle and the Revolution in Maze, the Migrant team rescinds into the background. Written from the perspective of new characters Kai and Timo, Dimension, the final book of The Change Trilogy, follows life in a new world. Nox and Tirique may be gone, but their legacy AltD, a virtual reality dimension, is very much still around. Kai and Timo are different people from different parts of the world but their stories get mixed around and intertwined. Who knows, maybe our resident saviors will make one last appearance for the sake of world peace.

the complete trilogy collection


The Change Trilogy Complete Collection combines all three novels in the trilogy; Maze: Form the Future, Cycle: Fight the System, and Dimension: Find the Change. Dive into this special edition book to experience the fifteen year journey of brothers, Ivo and Za, as well as the ups and downs of The Migrants. Follow our characters as they fight the Board, conflict with the ideologies of Migrant savior Nox, and stop the infiltration of dictators into the new virtual world of AltD and feel the full arc of our characters’ emotions as they are torn apart and reunited countless times. Together, The Change Trilogy encapsulates the many intertwining narratives woven within each books, the world changing events, and the countless connections and clues that reach from the cover of Maze to the end of Dimension. 

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